Baketini Bake Shop offers custom cookies for all of your sweetest occasions.

Welcome to the Baketini Bake Shop!
How can I sweeten your day?

My name is Lynn, I'm a baker, designer and icing enthusiast!  I specialize in custom cookie design using classic royal icing.  The Baketini signature cookie is a premium vanilla, almond sugar cookie rolled to a generous 3/8" thickness and baked to perfection for the ideal cookie to icing ratio.  With a collection of over one thousand cookies cutters and hundreds of color combinations to choose from the opportunities for creativity and individuality are endless.

Inspiration for new designs come from sources I enjoy like fashion, fine art, pop culture, movies, music and most importantly from you, my clients.  I'm always excited to be a part of the creative process when planning your most memorable celebrations.
My journey really began about ten years ago when I took a cake decorating class and fell in love with all things icing. Beautiful, colorful, decorative, delicious icing! I became obsessed with the stunning sugar creations on Pinterest and Instagram. How could you not, right? In short time I obtained every tip, tool, gadget, organizer, color, and mixer a sugar nut needs. I spent every free minute away from the office reading blogs, watching videos, and practicing techniques; deepening my love for the sweet art of sugar. Birthdays, holidays and special occasions provided a legit excuse to get creative and show off my skills. A special thank you to my friends and family for allowing me to sugar them with sweetness while I honed my craft.

I design cookies because it brings me maximum joy! Until recently, I worked as an executive specializing in process improvement and project management. Although I was able to provide creative solutions for problem solving in my day-to-day work I found a true creative outlet in sugar crafts. When my husband and I became minimalists we radically changed our lifestyle by putting emphasis on creating more, consuming less, living simply and pursuing our passions. Today, I work for myself and my clients, from my home, as a baker, designer and artist.

Looking for something extra special?  Message me today for a custom confectionery consultation.

Sweet dreams and sugar wishes,
Baketini Bake Shop

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